Concrete Slab Condition

The most important part of your project…what condition is my floor in now.

I have removed the carpet and pad. I can see that the floor is probably raw. Not painted or sealed, somewhat rough but not like the driveway. There are spots of paint everywhere, not a lot, but it looks like they didn’t cover the floor because they knew they were going to carpet. This is perfect for your first attempt.

If you find your floor has been previously sealed; does water bead up on my floor? If yes, you will need to etch your floors – I hate to say “chemically” but yes, muraitic acid or a floor etcher. Remember to neutralize your floors after the acid and wash, and rinse and rinse again. Let your floor dry for days then proceed with next step.

Feel free to fill in cracks and/or “holes” from the carpet strips. I did not do this on my first floor. I will when I re do that floor, it just looks better. I like the cracks but the divits, not so much.

I didn’t study up on this before I started my projects, I created out of need. I had a new “old” house that needed renovation. My budget…was embarrassed at best, so I did what I could with what I had. I lived near an environmental recycling center. Much of the paint I have used in ALL of my projects were FREE. Basically I make “what I have or what I can find for free” work for me. If you have a budget you can pick your colors – you can do most areas with much less than a gallon of paint, so buy small quantities.

Have fun, turn up the tunes and go for it.
Sponge, dribble, slap your paint, you are done when you are happy with it.

Seal with a couple 2-5 coats of clear coat or sealer. I like Behr. Allow to dry per instructions.